A Rememberance for Clay

A celebration of life was held on August 31, 2008 in Lander, Wyoming. It was a beautiful day and many great folks were able to attend and help us remember a life well lived.

Some fun stories were told and if you have any additional stories involving Clay and his "whacky ways" we'd love to have you share them on this blog.

Here is a meditation prayer which beautifully summarizes our (and Clay's) wishes for all who were part of the celebration and read this blog.

May all beings be happy, content and fulfilled.
May all beings be healed and whole.
May all have whatever they want and need.
May all be protected from harm and free from fear.
May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease.
May all be awakened, liberated and free.

May there be peace in the world, and throughout the universe.

Search Efforts

For the official information on the search efforts please visit: http://clayrubanosearch.com/

Our special thanks to Margaret Goodro for setting up this site!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Friend to So Many

I was fortunate enough to meet Clay during a formidable transitional time in life. We were both new-college hires and started work the same week at General Dynamics in San Diego. We were both 21...from AZ...excited about having gotten a good job straight out of college...and both completely ignorant about aerospace. We clung to each other that first year of yuppiehood...and despite the years that followed of each of us pursuing other paths...both of us leaving the corporate world...venturing more into outdoor/contract work...we never lost the closeness that comes from sharing a major personal growth period in life. Clay has been "my rock" for many years. His phone calls and emails always popping up at just the right time. His continual efforts to show that friendships are important to him and that no matter what the distance he always lets you know he hasn't forgotten you. Although his sense of humor and laughter are so very much a part of what friends recognize him for...there is so much sincerity in his concern for others, his desire to always do the right thing, and his desire to make a positive contribution during his time on earth...which he has continually done. The numbers of folks involved in the search...the number of friends supporting from afar...truly a testament of the number of people whose lives Clay has touched and made a heartfelt impact on.

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